Solve it Using Sources

Key Information

Cost (GST free)
$65 per class (up to 30 students per class)
Up to 45 minutes presenter-led program including virtual presentation and time for questions
Session Offered
Monday to Friday. Bookings close strictly at 4pm on Wednesday for all sessions in the following week.
Maximum Students
One class (30) per session (when students are learning from home); Three classes (90) per session (when students learning from school)
Supervision ratios

At least one supervising teacher must be online with the students at all times.

Additional Visitor Costs

No charge.

About the program

This history skills based virtual excursion program is focused on analysis of source material to understand historical events and  peoples.

It is based at two Sydney Living Museums’ sites, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Hyde Park Barracks and Susannah Place in Sydney’s Rocks area, and explores the archaeology of both sites as well as other relevant primary sources. At Hyde Park Barracks we look at the public archaeological dig and learn how thousands of artefacts were found underground and under the floorboards at the Barracks, many having been hidden by rats building their nests.  Combining this archaeology with source documents, museum educators discuss with students how they could answer questions what they can discover about the lives of the convicts who lived at the Barracks. Finally we use the archaeology of an existing building at Susannah Place and see how the building itself, combined with oral histories and written sources, helps us answer questions about the lives of the people who lived there.

Available to book from January 2021.

Post-excursion in-class activity

Extend your virtual excursion with this in-class activity: Historical Archaeology at the Hyde Park Barracks [PDF]

Curriculum links

Skills - Analysis and Use of Sources

Stage 3 History

HT3-3 Applies a variety of skills of historical inquiry and communication

Stage 4 History

The Ancient World Depth Study 1: Investigating the Ancient Past

Key inquiry question: How do we know about the ancient past?

HT4-1 Describes the nature of history and archaeology and explains their contribution to an understanding of the past
HT4-5 Identifies the meaning, purpose and context of historical sources
HT4-6 Uses evidence from sources to support historical narratives and explanations


School bookings

To book a Virtual Excursion program for your school class, please contact:

SLM Bookings at +61 2 8239 2211
or email


Home-schooled students

Special sessions are reserved for home-schooled students in 2022:

Cost: $10 per student per session.

Minimum of six students required for each session.