Muru Mittigar

Partnership with Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural and Education Centre

Sydney Living Museums' focus on the Aboriginal story of the greater Sydney region – the story of country, contact and a shared history and on Aboriginal life, ceremonies, experiences and cultural values today is evident in the partnership SLM has developed with Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural and Education Centre.

Established in 1998, Muru Mittigar is a highly successful not for profit organisation.

“Muru Mittigar’s vision is to make a significant, measurable and sustainable difference in advancing culture, community and country of all Aboriginal people and in particular Darug people”

Peter Chia Chief Executive Officer, Muru Mittigar.

Muru Mittigar have taken up residence at Rouse Hill House & Farm, to facilitate this close working relationship and deliver curriculum-based Aboriginal cultural education programs, teacher training, visitor-orientated cultural programming and curated experiences. This initiative is creating a better understanding of Aboriginal culture in the wider community as visitors learn Darug traditional ways and participate in hands-on experiences such as boomerang throwing, art and the bush tucker investigation and cooking workshops.

By working together, Sydney Living Museums and Muru Mittigar have brought Aboriginal stories and voices to the interpretation of the Rouse Hill site; this includes staff from both organisations welcoming our visitors to the site.

Find out more about Muru Mittigar, including how to book education programs.

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