Rouse Hill House, Farm and gardens team in LEGO® Bricks

The Rouse Hill House and Farm poroerty built with LEGO bricks

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Winter Blooms at Vaucluse House

The white flowers of the elderberry at Vaucluse House

Most people think that winter would be a dull and boring time to visit gardens; however, the vivid display of colours at Vaucluse House are anything but boring and continue to surprise me year after year. Winter has quickly become one of my favourite seasons as there is such a large variety of plants in bloom or just waiting to burst open.

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Camellias light up the winter garden

close up of an Aspasia Macarthur camellia bloom at Vaucluse House

Camellias put on a spectacular display of flowers through autumn and winter and are deservedly popular garden plants.

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Turf Wars - Autumn Lawn Renovations

picture of the buffalo lawn at The Mint being renovated by horticulturists.

During the last few weeks the garden team has been undertaking lawn renovations at some of our properties. This involves coring and dethatching to provide air and water penetration directly to the root zone to stimulate healthy root growth.

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Feathered Friends at Rose Seidler House

A close up of a Kookaburra in front of Rose Seidler house

We visited Rose Seidler house at Wahroonga and were joined during morning tea by two Kookaburras eager to steal some food.

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Nightmare With Our Elm Tree

A sign explaining about the Elizabeth Farm Elm Tree and when the support props were installed

Our Chinese Elm tree at Elizabeth farm had a rough time during recent storms, discover what happened.

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Furcraea foetida - Mauritian Hemp

A close up photograph of the Furcraea foetida flower

Usually metres in the air, we get a rare glimpse of the sweetly scented flowers attached to the Furcrea's flower spike as a result of the recent strong winds.

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Sumptuous Cape Bulbs light up late summer gardens

Pink and white flowers of the Belladonna or naked lady Lilly

Belladonna Lilies and Crinum Lilies are tough bulbs that never say die and can survive years of neglect. Each summer they produce sumptuous flowers with a ravishing perfume that can fill a garden with scent. Once widely grown in home gardens they are now more often seen as survivors at derelict sites or in the collections of Amaryllid fanciers.

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Resurfacing the Gravel Paths at Vaucluse House

One person tips a wheelbarrow of gravel onto the path whilst the other spreads it with a rake

During November and December 2016 we worked hard on replacing, section by section, the Pleasure Garden paths at Vaucluse House with a new gravel to replace the old cream feature gravel.

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Vaucluse House Plant Stand

wire work plant stand located on the Vaucluse house verandah

In a sheltered corner of the verandah at Vaucluse House, a selection of choice Victorian-era house plants are displayed on this splendid four-tiered woven-wire étagère or plant stand.

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