A mossy analogy for Susannah Place: small but mighty

Moss at Susannah Place Museum.

Mosses are everywhere! They are small, mighty, unsung and inhabit the most unusual places. They can be found in all our museum outdoor spaces if one looks closely enough.

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Fireworks of Garden Colour

close up image of the bilbergia pyramidalis flower spike with pink petals and purple tips

For the past week several SLM gardens have been lit up by vivid colour – firework bursts of hot scarlet and pink. These are the flowers of a bromeliad called billbergia pyramidalis – a great ‘garden performer’ also known by its apt name ‘flaming torch’.

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The Butterfly Rose at Elizabeth Farm

The colourful plant in the centre of the image is the rosa chinensis mutablis or the butterfly rose as it is commonly names. Is covered in multi coloured roses

Just in time for Elizabeth Farm to reopen to visitors, one of the garden’s steady performers is putting on a quite a show.

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Angel’s Trumpet (Brugmansia arborea) at Vaucluse House

the white centre of the phot is the flower of the Angel's Trumpet plant, with big soft green leaves surrounding it

One of the most stunning plants growing at Vaucluse House is the Angel’s Trumpet. This versatile plant has a long history in colonial gardens.

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Virtual Learning in the gardens of Elizabeth Farm

Landscape showing farm and river in background. Aquatint, hand coloured.

Every year the gardens and grounds of Elizabeth Farm provide visiting school students the opportunity to reflect on the past and present relationships between people and the Australian landscape and it’s various plants and resources. This month the gardens of Elizabeth Farm will be hosting students from across the country as they tune in to an online learning event to explore both the Macarthur’s gardens and the Indigenous landscape that underlies the homestead.

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The Stunning Elderflower at Vaucluse House

The small white objects in the foreground are the flowers of the Elderflower with the Vaucluse House Stable son the far right.

One of the most stunning plants growing at Vaucluse House today is elderflower. This versatile plant has a long history in colonial gardens.

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The Flowery Lord Carrington Addresses

a capture of the Lord Carrington Address which is filled with flora and fauna

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The Variety of Bamboo at Vaucluse House

The sun shines through the trees and down the garden path at Vaucluse House.

One of the most beautiful plants growing at Vaucluse House today is bamboo. A number of different varieties of bamboo were grown in colonial gardens.

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Conservation in Action: Vaucluse House bush care

Three Horticulture members stand infront of the bush curtilage at Vaucluse house. they are filling bins with weeds.

Earlier this week I was at Vaucluse House with the Gardens Team, overseeing and helping out with the important work they have been doing on the ecological restoration and recovery of the Olola Avenue boundary bushland. This thin sliver of urban bushland with remnant native plant species, provides an important visual barrier between suburbia and the Vaucluse House estate.

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An Accidental Fernery at Susannah Place

Adiantum aethiopicum growing in the sandstone at the Argyle Cut. foot path can be seen on the right hand side going through the argyle cut

Deep in the basement of one of the terraces at Susannah Place in The Rocks grows a small patch of vibrant green native Maiden Hair Fern. The combination of good natural light and damp conditions free from droughts has made this basement into its own little glasshouse fernery.

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