Wisteria Begins to Bloom at Vaucluse House

The Wisteria starting to bloom on the veranda of Vaucluse House

The first Wisteria blooms of the season at Vaucluse House. Photograph Steven Halliday © Sydney Living Museums

It’s that time of year already: the famous Wisteria is blooming on the verandah of Vaucluse House, bringing its sweet scent and purple tones.

This year the wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) has bloomed much earlier than other years, as we generally see it in early to mid September not late August. The blooms should last for the next two weeks on the verandah of the main house, peaking early to mid next week, and will be followed by the plants on the Vaucluse House Tearooms and carpark toilet building. Find out more about the long history of wisteria at the property here.

The wisteria at Vaucluse house begins to bloom
This small wisteria plant on the left hand side of the house was the first to bloom. Photograph Steven Halliday © Sydney living Museums
The verandah at Vaucluse House with the first Wisteria blooms
The plants all flower at slightly different times depending on the amount of sun they receive. Photograph Steven Halliday © Sydney Living Museums
The Wisteria buds at Vaucluse House begin to open
Here you can see the purple buds before they open on the largest plant central to the house. Photograph Steven Halliday © Sydney Living Museums

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