Prairie Nymphs at Rouse Hill

A pair of Herbertia in bloom at Rouse Hill House and Farm

The recent rain has brought out one of Rouse Hill’s tiniest garden jewels – the bright blue flowered Herbertia.

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Busy as a Bee at Rouse Hill House and Farm

Raking at the Rouse Hill House and Farm working bee 2017

As you may have seen from our previous posts we like to organise working bee’s at SLM’s properties throughout the year to get staff involved and out of the office; it also helps us to get on top of those jobs that have fallen behind or been forgotten about and the help of many hands definitely produces great results. For some of our staff the working bees can also be a chance to get to visit and know the property for their first time, as the majority of our staff are based at our head office in the city, The Mint.

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What's In Bloom at Rouse Hill House and Farm

Yellow Banksia Rose on the arbour at Rouse Hill House and Farm

Have a look at what's currently in bloom at Rouse Hill House and farm.

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Spring Has Most Definitely Sprung

Potted Freesias in full bloom at Rouse Hill House and Farm

Earlier this year the Rouse Hill House and Farm Bathhouse building underwent some major renovations, requiring us to dig out its surrounding plants to reinstate once the works were completed. One of the biggest surprises we got was seeing the freesias blooming for the first time in quite a while.

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Spring Harvest 2017 at Elizabeth Farm

Mother and child in the garden at Elizabeth Farm

This Sunday at Elizabeth Farm we’re celebrating the bounty of the season with Spring Harvest Festival 2017!

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As The Seasons Turn

Rogiera amoena

As the seasons turn there are those plants we look out for, those changing leaf colours and flowers that punctuate the year and remind us that time is rolling on.

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Jewelled Tears

Pot of bilbergia nutans - queens tears on the verandah at Elizabeth Farm

Currently flowering on the verandahs at Elizabeth Farm are exotics from South America – Bilbergia nutans, a type of bromeliad. They remind us that colonial gardens contained botanical riches from all around the world.

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Wisteria Begins to Bloom at Vaucluse House

The Wisteria starting to bloom on the veranda of Vaucluse House

It’s that time of year already; when the famous Wisteria blooms on the verandah of Vaucluse House, bringing its sweet scent and purple tones.

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Rose Seidler House Working Bee

A dedicated group of staff and volunteers help out in the garden at the Rose Seidler House working bee

In preparation for this weekend's 'Mad about Modernism' program to be held at Rose Seidler House, SLM's gardens team called in extra support to step up the maintenance of the garden to ensure it will be presented at its best.

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Wardian Cases and the Victorian Fern Craze

Glass Wardian Case at Vaucluse House , used to transport and display plants and ferns

Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward was a physician who lived near the docklands in London's east. In 1829 he was having little success with his fern garden, however carefully he planted and tended to it.

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