‘Deepfake’ is a curated by project of Australian drummer/producer Nicholas Meredith. His sound-world, although wet through with electronic and digital elements, draws significantly from the natural world: monolithic structures, human biology, water. Working with themes of uncertainty and environmental change. 

His music is deeply personal and highly visceral. Moving from moments of stillness to complete sonic destruction. Meredith's history as a jazz drummer and improviser combined with his embrace of the infinite opportunities offered by technology infuse these compositions with a freedom of rhythm and structure that is energising. 

The last year has seen a string of solo and collaborative releases on labels such as Trestle Records, Hospital Hill, Focused Silence, Cooking Vinyl as well as the release of his own full length album, ‘Decade Zero’, on Spirit Level.

Discover more on the Deepfake website, Bandcamp and Spotify.



Black and white photo of a man

Deepfake. Courtesy the artist