Dr Jacqui Newling

Assistant curator

Jacqui brings over ten years of ‘visitor first’ interpretation experience to her role as a curator at SLM. She specialises in place-based social history and heritage, bringing meaningful stories from our past to contemporary audiences through various forms of media, from exhibitions to interactive opportunities for visitors in our museums.

Jacqui has a PhD in history and is a graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu Master’s Degree in gastronomy. Specialising in food culture and identity in colonial and settler-colonial contexts, her doctoral thesis examines food and food security in the founding of colonial New South Wales. Jacqui brings Sydney’s rich food heritage to life, adding flavour to SLM’s historic houses. She co-curated the ‘Eat Your History: A Shared Table’ exhibition at the Museum of Sydney, is the ‘Cook’ in the blog, The Cook and the Curator and is author of the award winning book Eat Your History: stories and recipes from Australian kitchens.

In addition to her food heritage projects, Jacqui curated the Enchanted valley digital interactive at Museum of Sydney and the End of Transportation exhibit at the Hyde Park Barracks.

Jacqui Newling wearing a red top and glasses

Jacqui Newling at The Mint. Photo © James Horan for Sydney Living Museums