Jacqui Newling

Colonial Gastronomer

Jacqui explores our history and heritage through food. Our historic properties have been home to many hundreds of people and they all had to eat. And while we can’t meet them for a chat, we can get a taste of their lives!

Jacqui has a Le Cordon Bleu masters’ degree in gastronomy and specialises in early Australian foodways. As Sydney Living Museums’ resident gastronomer and curator of our Eat Your History projects, Jacqui takes a hands-on role to investigate the type of food that was served in our historic houses – from the dreaded ‘hominy’ served to convicts at Hyde Park Barracks to the feasts found on the finer tables of Sydney’s elite and the humble dishes prepared in working class kitchens of Susannah Place in the Rocks. Jacqui co-curated the Eat Your History: A Shared Table exhibition at the Museum of Sydney, hosts regular colonial gastronomy programs at many of our properties and is ‘The Cook’ in Sydney Living Museums’ food history blog, The Cook and the Curator.

Woman in garden setting with wall behind.

Jacqui Newling. Photo © James Horan for Sydney Living Museums