Rouse Hill Psychedelia video artists

Over the two nights of Rouse Hill Psychedelia, the stunning work by a selection of video artists will illuminate and transform Rouse Hill Estate.

  • Man with light projected over his face

    Harry Burgess

    Harry Burgess is an electronic music composer whose audiovisual work spans 2D and 3D animation, structural film experiments, and installations. His compositions explore the fertile correspondences of sound and image—seeking out moments where sensory boundaries collapse and our ears and our eyes converge.

  • Man peering through flowering shrub

    Milan Monk

    Milan Monk is a Sydney based composer and multi instrumentalist. He attended the Conservatorium of Music specialising in electroacoustic music. Milan has spent time in the UK where he was part of the core team that organised the Haha sounds collective, a jazz collective group which toured internationally playing Le beau festival in Paris during 2018. During his time in the UK he worked as a session musician and percussionist, playing in several jazz outfits. Since returning to Sydney, Milan has continued to work on writing his own solo music and collaborating with other Sydney based musicians.

  • Woman playing electric guitar

    Emma Harlock

    Emma Harlock is a Western Sydney based composer and performer. She completed a Master of Research in 2020 at Western Sydney University with the supervision of Associate Professor Dr Bruce Crossman and Dr Clare Maclean, where her research focussed on exploring the cross-cultural connections between American Minimalism and French Spectralism. Her works, both scored and performative, focus on the exploration of slowly evolving timbre and textures and sit between the minimalist, spectral, and ambient genres. Her current focus is on continuing the creation of electronic-ambient works that explore political themes.