Fun fair patterned wallpaper puzzle

Wallpaper fragment, circa 1957. The design features a fun-park which includes merry-go-rounds, stalls, rides and games.

Prior to World War II, pictorial designs on wallpaper were usually confined to the nursery, though pictorial friezes were popular in the first decade of the 20th century. In the 1950s pictorial designs became popular once again, and were advocated for use throughout the house, particularly as a feature wall in a room. The same design as this, but in a different colourway, was used to paper the walls and ceiling of a bathroom. It is possible that these two wallpapers were used as part of a circus theme in the decoration of the house, which also included the use of wallpaper and paint in the billiard room to resemble a circus tent.

Used in a small alcoved eating area in the kitchen of Coolabah, a house in Wahroonga, Sydney. One of eleven wallpapers retrieved from the house, many of which were installed by Marion Best Pty. Ltd. as part of a larger decorative scheme c1957. Although dating from a similar period, it is unknown if this paper was part of the Marion Best Pty Ltd decoration.

Fun fair patterned wallpaper, circa 1957