Five questions with Sydney Open Ambassador Lisa Davies

1. Describe your relationship with architecture

To me, architecture provides history and context to our every day lives. As journalists, we tell stories, but as we walk around our cities and communities every day, architecture and design tell us stories of where we've been, where we are going, and what we can hope to achieve in the future.

2. What is your favourite building in the world and why?

I actually have two favourites - the Chrysler Building in New York because its stunning Art Deco beauty is so eye-catching, shimmering under any light on the crowded NY skyline. The other is the Taj Mahal in India. It's just simply magnificent from every angle, with such a romantic story to accompany its construction.

3. As an ambassador for Sydney Open 2017 what is your best advice to people wanting to explore the program?

Wear comfortable shoes! But also just leave yourself lots of time… you don't want to feel rushed.

4. Why does heritage matter? Or why is an event like Sydney Open so important?

Heritage is what grounds us to our past but gives us focus for the future.

5. Finish this sentence “What I love about Sydney is…”

….its complexity, its natural beauty, and that it makes me feel happy to live here. 

Lisa Davies

Lisa Davies

Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald

Lisa Davies is the Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald. Lisa began her career at the national newswire AAP, and has also worked for the UK's Press Association in London and The Daily Telegraph newspaper in Sydney. Lisa joined Fairfax Media in early 2012. She has held several senior reporting and editing roles including Deputy Editor, Investigations Editor and Justice Editor. In 2016 she was also Fairfax Media's Federal Election Editor. Lisa has had a particular focus on crime and court reporting in her career, including travelling to South Africa to cover the Oscar Pistorius murder trial, and publishing​ a ​book about the inspiring recovery of Sydney bashing victim, Lauren Huxle​y.