Image of glass skyscraper with greenery

Atlassian. Image © BVN

Presenting partner - BVN

BVN is a values-led architectural firm anchored by a deep investment in people. Based in Sydney and Brisbane with studios in London and New York, it’s one of Australia’s largest architectural practices which operates, uniquely, as a collective, with a male/female co-ceo team.  
BVN is internally renowned for its award-winning designs which deliver city defining buildings such as Atlassian HQ, Marrickville Library and Sirius.
With a 95 year history and a reputation for leadership and innovation, BVN’s success is grounded in a deep commitment to people so that every success is a shared one. This approach is enshrined in BVN ways of working and is central to the practice’s DNA.


View of tall skyscrapers from the groud looking up

Greenland Tower by BVN



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