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This small finely engraved gold locket, 3.4 cm long, holds a pair of roughly cut tintype photographs of two young men. They are the Thorburn brothers, Tom on the left and Bob on the right, the sons of Robert Thorburn and his wife Jessie Catherine Thorburn, nee McKenzie, dairy farmers at Barr Hill near Jaspers Brush in the Shoalhaven district of New South Wales. Robert Taylor Thorburn (1847-1934), the eldest, was in his thirties when this picture was taken and was one of the proprietors of the Homeward Bound Gold Mine at Yalwal, west of Nowra. His brother James Thomas (Tom) Thorburn (1860-1935) was thirteen years younger, the seventh of eight children in the family. He was about to enter St Andrew's College at the University of Sydney from where he graduated as a Bachelor of Arts in May 1886. He then entered theological college and ultimately became a Minister of the Presbyterian Church of New South Wales, ordained in 1892.

Photograph: Jenni Carter, 2010
Locket, 1890-1910 James Thomas Thorburn (1890-1910) Robert Taylor Thorburn (1890-1910) Locket, 1890-1910